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  • Audix Co., Ltd.

    A new lighting environment with solar energy for needy areas!

    A new lighting environment with solar energy for needy areas!
    We introduce the “stand-alone” lighting solution that generates the power from sunlight with decent size of battery. This solar lighting system is designed for low power consumption and for long hour usage, and its completely independent power source requires no wiring work.
    We are creating a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly future by lighting where there is no electricity.
    We also craft miniature cars that require technical sophistications. The cars are made of differently processed aluminum parts that some are created by die-stamping whilst others used a die cast and machining.

  • GILD Design Factory Co., Ltd.

    Duralumin-made smartphone cases and card holders!

    It’s so durable and light in weight that good-looking duralumin-made cases protect your smartphone from shocks.
    The business card case is the first in the world to incorporate four φ3.0mm of "ultra-small bearings," that makes its movement surprisingly satisfying!
    We also have collaboration items with Anime and brands including MARVEL and a lot more.

  • Takeuchi Kougyou Co., Ltd.

    Precisely machined metal parts in flat, perpendicular and perfectly round

    Our grinding and polishing technologies with teamworking skills cultivated over many years give shape to parts with strict requirements for flatness, perpendicularity, roundness, and every other aspect.
    We mainly manufacture precision machine parts such as shafts, flanges, and wheels in a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

  • Ishigaki Shouten Inc.

    Copper & Brass Manufacturer with Over 100 Years of Experience!

    Our strength lies in refined processing technologies including cutting, lathe processing, rolling, and pressing. Particularly in bending process, we have sophisticated skills to bend as thick as 25mm of copper material.
    We have accumulated know-hows to meet a wide range of requests such as complicated shapes, quality, and smaller lots.

  • Hisasue Co., Ltd.

    Metalworking company that provides more than 10,000 variety of parts!

    Our production technology has cultivated through our relentless efforts of machining more than 10,000 different parts.
    We are willing to involve “innovating products” from the design stage to propose highly productive parts shapes and manufacturing methods. If you have any wish with parts processing, we are ready to discuss.

  • TEN-E LLC.

    “ENECTRON” the world’s first generator that generates power from salt water!

    Whether the water is clean or not, the stand-alone electric generator provides you power at any location if there is salt water. Our patented products, accommodated with battery, come in handy and are widely operated at the scenes from electric-free areas to disaster affected cites to supply electricity to urgent medical uses.

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